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Unbelievable ! This Homemade Shampoo Made My Hair Grow Like Crazy

If you’re looking to grow your hair, look no further than this hair growth shampoo! This DIY hair growth shampoo is 100% natural, super easy to make, and you most likely already have the ingredients in your pantry. The combination of baking soda and apple cider vinegar will not only clean and de-gunk your hair, but also strengthen the follicle, give it a ton of shine, and regenerate hair growth.

The addition of baking soda ensures that your hair will be stripped of all build up and gunk, leaving the hair follicle completely clean and free of any chemicals, so that the hair can breathe and therefore grow much easier and faster. Baking soda is also an intense cleanser, leaving hair squeaky clean.

Apple cider vinegar promotes health hair growth and also gives it a ton of shine. By mixing ACV with baking soda, a chemical reaction happens which strengthens the hair, disinfects, and also promotes a healthy scalp. Therefore, hair will grow much faster.

Hair Growth Shampoo Recipe:

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  1. Ladies, please dont put baking soda solutio n on your hair. Baking soda is a base, chemically speaking, and when applied in a solution in water, will weaken rather than strengthen hair. It removes the acid mantle of hair. Once this is removed, putting apple cider vinegar on it will restore the acid pH of the hair but it wont undo the damage of putting baking soda on it.

  2. I do agree with you… Doyourresearch. Thanks a bunch for sharing that generous concern especially to us ladies… ‘Coz in ladies, this is where everything starts or grows… So pliz, whoever wants to share pliiiizz ensure all articles regarding everybody goes on pinterest must have good benefits for one n all… Again thanks so much…


  3. *agree’! Readers be aware please!!!! I have found that CRAZY people are actually trying to create drama by telling (desperate) people to do things. They go and do it and get dry bleached hair or bad reactions with chemicals. It’s all over
    this site. Please read many sites on do’s/donuts BEFORE TEYI G NEW THINGS. Any normal person knows not to add these two ingredients together and put it on your scalp!

  4. Ladies do NOT mix baking soda with any type of vinegar on your hair. I use baking soda and vinegar with water to unclog my bathtub drain pipes. Gee whiz!!!

  5. Vinegar an water will clean the hair..helps with maintaining ph balance..strips hair of residual products. Excellent cleanser…makes hair super shiny…NO baking soda…ever…I’m a hairdresser for 25 years ..mix in glass container as last rince…hold hair it want get in your eyes……won’t smell like a salad either. Very good once a month.

  6. Baking soda and vinegar cancel each other out…when combined…they just foam…vinegar of any kind will strip ur color. .if u dye your. Hair

  7. Neutrogena makes an excellent shampoo for removing residue. Use it once a week in addition to your regular shampoo & conditioner to give it a boost. Also I’m not a professional or anything but hair growth is a genetic issue and no product is going to change your genes. A healthy diet might be your best bet.

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