Heal Cavaties, Gum Disease, And Whiten Your Teeth With This Homemade Toothpaste!

In Kristin’s own words

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””] My son had just turned 3 years old when we took him in for his first dental exam. They told us he had a stain on his front tooth (which they scraped off and it has not returned) and a tiny cavity that they wanted him to come back a different day for to be filled with an amalgam.

We scheduled the appointment even though I was very hesitant. I already knew about healing teeth and decided to give it a try. He has a 6 month dental check up coming up next month and I’m anxious to know what they say. Unfortunately we go to a “mainstream” dental office so I bet they will be beside themselves.

How I healed his tooth:  We were already a paleo family so it wasn’t like we had to cut out grains/processed foods etc. unfortunately he did consume a lot of dried fruits, nuts and Larabars and fruit leathers as quick snacks on the go.

I was unaware of the high sugar and phytic acid contents of these foods. so we quickly eliminated them.  I began to read Ramiel Nagal’s Cure Tooth Decay book and learned a lot!!

We introduced raw milk and cheese, fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend, cell salts, milk  kefir, bone broths which is hard to get him to drink, smoothies with cream/raw egg yolks/crushed egg shells/great lakes gelatin/trace mineral drops, butter from grassfed cows, free-range eggs, grass-fed/pastured meats and organ meats hidden in to meals.

I cut out all fruit with the exception of 1 serving of berries or cooked granny smith apples in coconut oil (he was a very very big fruit eater). It only took about a week for him to get use to his new diet. [/box]

This summary is fantastic and hopefully an eye opener for those who really seek to resolve persistent cavity problems in their home.

Now, onto the natural toothpaste that Kristin used in conjunction with Traditional Diet to resolve her son’s cavity issues.

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