Saturday , January 13 2018

Mosquitoes and cockroaches will fall dead immediately with this simple homemade recipe !!!

Insects are most hateful form of life among people. Rare are those who want some kind of insect.

They are most active during the summer. It draws the warm weather, and various odors. If you want to enjoy the summer without being disturbed mosquitoes, wasps or spiders, make this mixture against insects and peaceful to spend summer.

Ingredients :

  •  1/2 A cup of vegetable oil
  • 1/2 a cup of shampo
  • 1/2 a cup of vinegar

Preparation and usage :

Take a spray bottle and put these ingredients, mix them well, after this spray all over your house and your garden.Repeat this every day and you will notice effects very soon.The mosquitoes and cockroaches will disappear and your house will be protected from insects.


  1. I wanna know if this really works.I live in an apartment complex where we can find a natural solution without chemical smells .

    • Yes, it works.

    • omg yes. i was very dubious and thought why not. have all the ingredients handy. it was amazing. i used lavender shampoo cause i read that’s an awful scent to insects. i had a bad infestation and was just killing on sight cause i can’t afford exterminator service. i sprayed down my kitchen and shut off the light. i waited a bit and then flipped on the light…wow….and the ones i saw running i chased them down and sprayed them and watchd them die. now i spray after i have done my supper dishes and the next morning i wipe down the counters. really thought it was just another hack. and i spray the deck and kids before we go out in evenings and fair results with that. im just thankful it kills roaches and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

  2. Do you spray it in your house or just outside? Should it be sprayed shopping doorways and windows or all over?

  3. I’m going to give this a try today! ! 🙂

  4. Melissa schooley

    Does it matter what kind of vinegar or shampoo?

    • use what ever is on hand. im out of the lavender (dollar tree) so im using coconut past couple days. still going srong. and i use white vinegar. did see wehre someone said use apple cider vinegar but im satisfied with this concoction.

  5. I spray this on myself,dog,and on my goat when I milk her.and on myself and dog when we go for a walk .it works really well. No antes or horseflys mosecoties. It doesn’t make you feel itchy either .

    • This is good to know. Just acquired scars from “yellow flies”, a relative of the deer fly. Hope this helps for them too.

      • Did it work on the yellow flies? Those are terrible in Santa Rosa Beach, FL!! And I’ve never found a solution that truly works.

  6. Does this actually work? Who has tried this and what is your opinion?

  7. What kind of shampoo?

  8. I live on a farm so in summer it can get very trying espucally with all the.rain it has worked well as with roach spray it really only works when sprayed dorectly tbis I spray in caninets around where good and dishes go without worry I remove all spray n replace all it seems to work well of course not all but I have found also sparaying lightly (are electrial) unplug wait till dry ) thats where they lay eggs cause uts warm also keep toaster clean I empty after each use but again I’m on a darm try u will get good results I’m sure not perfect ut even exterminate rs not 100% and at least there are no che.icals n nasty smells good luckit wirks well on all yes around windows and doors or can use lavender

  9. Yes works great I spray everything back refrigerator microwave toaster after removing plug toaster only bottom tray others also luvhy on back where eggs are laid because of heat around doors windows etc I also use lavender plants by doors and lavender oul not diluted on body to keep flys .mosquitoes away n on a farm its not easy but works well n no chemicals which sprays have cancer causing agents so try u have nothing to lose o ly bugs !!

  10. mixing of oil with shampoo and vinegar is doubtful…….may be

  11. What kind of vinegar, white or apple cider, and what kind of shampoo?

  12. Does it kill fruit flies also??? I want a house in the summer fruit fly free but I also don’t want to have a a container full of dead flies either in my kitchen!

    • 1 inch cider vinegar and 3 drops dish detergent in a mason jar. Make a pepper cone and place in jar ( not touching liquid). Place in your fruit bowl. Fruit flies will go into the jar and can’t get out!

    • Put 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar into a jar then place Saran Wrap over top securing with a rubber band. Punch a few holes in wrap just enough for fruit flies to get in. They will get “drunk” on the vinegar, promise it works as I do this too!!

    • Use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. It’s gotten rid mine. I spray my counters and sink every nite after I clean more knats in my kitchen..

  13. Is THERE any New Home recipes for cockroaches and fleas?

  14. I have to say thank you. I made & sprayed house yesterday and this morning I was surprised. I saw only a few. Will continue until gone. Thanks again.

  15. mary westerlund

    so does it get rid of roaches in the house

  16. still what kind/type of “SHAMPOO” lol


  18. What kind ove shampoo do u use

  19. Haha!!! DOES THE SHAMPOO BRAND IR TYPE MATTER??? Please please please give the answer!!!!!

  20. Baby shampoo or any shampoo of your choice. You can Google it & there’s a few other ways to make it w/ the measurements of how much to use!
    Hope this helps!

  21. My iPad brought me to stretch marks lolol is this the one for bugs ? Aloe, coconut, essential oil? I wrote the amounts down. But that is it?

  22. Do you spray it and then wipe everything down?

  23. Will the oil leave a film ? Will the vinegar smell ?

  24. jeannie richardson

    This just makes a big mess and leaves a stain on things from the oil. I did not find it effective at all.

  25. I am having an issue with water roaches… Stankie buggers when killed and they get huge. They come in up my garden tub drain mostly cause l don’t get in it much due to back injury. Doe this work on them Too? I’m going chemical free and all natural so I’m trying to stay away from traps and chemical sprays. Thanks

  26. So this is the inappropriate usage of this material – and this is just a TERRIBLE repost of another idea. This mixture is not to be used as some kind of SPRAY or LOTION…the vinegar attracts bugs, then the oil and shampoo serves to trap and kill the bugs into the inverted 2L bottle container that you cut about halfway and then invert the top just above the liquid.

    • Michael Davidson

      Thank you for making that clear. I would assume that it would work better if it stayed concentrated in a two liter bottle.

  27. Wondering if it would work for Ticks in the Yark

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