Make Yellow Pillows Look Like New Again With This Simple Trick!

If your pillows aren’t as white as they used to be, then give them a natural cleaning that leaves them looking like new. Pillows should be washed twice a year; taking a few extra minutes to transform them from dingy to glowing make pillows feel fresh.

Don’t forget: naturally whitening your pillows costs much less than picking up a new set.

1. Heat the water, put the soap and dissolve it completely.
2. Turn off the heat.
3. Add baking soda and mix, then add juice Of lemon and hydrogen peroxide, mix well.
4. Toss the pillows into a washing machine and pour the entire mixture into the washing machine along with pillow.
5. Wash in the program “cotton” 60ÂșC.
6.Remove the pillows from the washing machine, and be amazed by their fresh whiteness. Toss the pillows in the dryer, and you’re ready to make the bed.

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