While leather is one of the most durable products available, it can start looking tired and worn out when used on a regular basis. With two boys and a large dog, I’ve refused to replace our leather couches. Instead I use this simple, chemical-free, green living, life hack to make our leather couch look new again.

Since I’m a practical gal I see absolutely no reason to buy a new couch. After all, we will still have a big dog and two boys. A new couch would get dirty or ripped and I would constantly be screaming at the dog and the boys for their mishaps. So I just work some crazy magic on it every now and then.

Today I was home with the boys for a no snow “snow” day. School had been called off due to possible snow, but alas, we didn’t see a single flake. Yes, that’s how we roll in the south. Since we were hanging out at the house waiting on the snow to arrive I decided to condition the leather couch to make it look new again. This is quite easy so I’m really not sure why I put it off for so long. I generally condition the leather every 6-8 months and the last time I did was in February 2017.

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