With This Homemade Recipe Make All Mosquitoes And Cockroaches Fall Dead Immediately

Mosquitoes and flies can materialize in even the most spotless kitchens. Until recently, I had no idea that they could be dealt with in a safe, effective, and cheap manner using apple cider vinegar and liquid soap! Apple cider vinegar works as an attractant because of its strong sweet odour while the detergent decreases the vinegar’s surface tension so that when a fly touches the surface it immediately sinks and drowns. It’s particularly satisfying to see the collection of flies you have dealt with at the bottom of the glass.

This has to be one of the best housekeeping tricks I have ever picked up! Read on to know how to make a mosquito/fly trap:

1- Cut the bottle in half or you could even cut just the neck if the bottle is small in size
2- put apple cider vinegar and liquid detergent into the bottle
3- seal the other half of the bottle upside down as shown in the picture
4- Tada! Your very own easy-to-make mosquito/fly trap is ready!
5- Place it near your window or any corner of the house

Note: There are several alternatives to the solution used for attracting flies and mosquitoes. You can even use yeast and brown sugar solution or just plain whisky, beer or any other fermented liquid.

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